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Study Tours

Many South Australian Government Schools take part in hosting Study Tours, facilitated by International Education Services. A Study Tour is a short-term visit, usually 10 to 14 days, designed for small and large groups of international students, 10 years of age and above. Students are either from the same school or are participating in a program developed by an overseas governing body, travel agent or education agent.

The purpose of a Study Tour is to provide opportunities for participating students to:

  • experience Australian lifestyle
  • understand Australian school culture
  • be immersed in an English-speaking environment
  • learn about the world outside of their home country

Study Tours can also have a specific focus or theme, such as maths and science or sport, and most of the school activities throughout the tour are based on this theme. Study Tours vary in length and range from a few days up to several weeks. Each program is customised to suit the needs of the group.

A typical study tour generally includes the following:

  • Intensive English classes
  • Specialised sessions for the participating students
  • Integration in school activities
  • Homestay accommodation (for students 12 years of age and above only)
  • Tourism excursions

Study tours significantly enhance the sense of community within host schools. It allows our schools to promote the Australian education system and provides students with the opportunity to experience learning in South Australia and potentially join one of our international student programs in the future.