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Why Study in South Australia?

World Class Education

There are close to 150 accredited South Australian Government Schools in both metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia that provide an International Student Program. With a diverse range of subjects to cater for students’ interests and career prospects, and passionate, supportive teachers who will nurture their ambitions and work with them to achieve their dreams, the opportunities at a South Australian Government school are endless.

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Long- and short-term study options

Our schools offer a variety of study options and programs to cater to the needs of long- and short-term primary and secondary students. These options are comprised of High school and Primary school graduate programs, study abroad programs, and study tours. Our programs provide international students with qualifications and experiences to enrich their education and successfully transition to future pathways.

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School facilities

South Australian Government Schools showcase incredible facilities to enhance the learning experience for all students. Supported by world-class technology and resources, students can enjoy an environment that promotes high-quality education and community collaboration. Each school is unique in their facilities and surroundings but are all committed and consistent in providing a safe and welcoming space for international students to study.

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Affordable study destination

South Australia is one of the most affordable study destinations in Australia. Compared to larger cities around the country, South Australia has some of the lowest cost of living and study abroad fees in the country. For students, this affordability helps to make their educational journey abroad easier financially and allows them to focus more on their studies and experiences.

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3rd most liveable city

In 2021, the capital city of South Australia, Adelaide, was chosen as the third most liveable city in the world. Adelaide has frequently ranked within the top 10 most liveable cities and received a perfect score for the categories of healthcare and education, as well as very high scores for infrastructure, stability, culture and environment. You can check out the 3rd most liveable city video below for more highlights and information

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Multiple career pathways

South Australian Government Schools prepare international students for rewarding post-school career pathways. With world-class universities located in the city and suburbs, TAFE (vocational education and training) and specialised institutions – South Australia has endless opportunities for students to undertake once they graduate secondary school. Many schools offer students the opportunity to begin specialised subjects and courses as part of the curriculum that relate to future career pathways.

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Below are some videos that highlight what life is like as an international student studying in South Australia and what to expect if you choose to study abroad here.

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