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Become an agent

South Australian Government Schools offer quality study programs to primary and high school students from all over the world. International students studying abroad in South Australia will receive a world class education, tuition, support to improve their English and advice on subjects and pathways leading to tertiary studies. We work closely with our education agents and value the experience and contribution they bring to our international student program.

Agent Responsibilities

As an agent for South Australian Government Schools, you are expected to:

Agent application

The following documentation is required as part of your application:

  • company profile including information on owners, staff and description of services
  • copy of your business registration/licence papers
  • copy of current business insurance policies including public liability
  • photographs of your business premises and staff
  • relevant supporting documentation, in particular, student services offered
  • evidence of professional memberships
  • copy of promotional information provided to international students
  • brief business proposal outlining how your company might represent South Australian Government Schools

You can submit your documents with your online application, or email directly to [email protected]. Your application cannot be considered until all required documentation is received.

Your application will be assessed and if successful, a formal agreement will be put in place.

Education Agent Training

Free online training such as Education Agent Training Course (EATC) is available for new education agents. The EATC, developed in partnership with the Department of Education, skills and employment (DESE) and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), will provide you with important information about the Australian education system and Australia as a study destination. If you wish to become a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor, you will need to undertake the Certification Exam.