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Host a student

Welcome the world home

Every year, hundreds of international school students come to study in South Australia’s government schools. These students bring new perspectives, cultures and cuisines.

By hosting an international school student, you’ll not only provide a welcoming home for a young person, you’ll also have the opportunity to make new connections and learn more about the world around you.

International school students are aged 12 or older and come from a wide range of countries. You can choose to host a student for a period of time that best suits you and your family.

Who can host a student?

People who host an international school student are called a ‘homestay’.

All family types are eligible and welcome to become a homestay; singles, couples, families with children, empty nesters or retirees.

What’s most important is that you are committed to the program and provide a caring home for students.


There’s no doubt you will experience new cultures, food, language, customs and traditions. You will also have the chance to:

  • participate in activities and meet other homestays
  • rediscover your own backyard through the eyes of an international student
  • connect with the world around you
  • create lifelong memories with your students.

You’ll care for them and we’ll care for you

Being a homestay is an important responsibility, but it isn’t one you will have to face alone. You will join our homestay community and we will provide you with:

  • a personalised home visit and information session
  • a homestay handbook to guide your hosting journey
  • homestay newsletters and updates
  • an exciting range of homestay activities and giveaways
  • ongoing support via our Homestay Accommodation Team
  • 24-hour emergency telephone support service.

A weekly homestay allowance of $310 contributes to covering costs associated with accommodating a student in your home.

Supporting your student

When you host an international student, they will become a member of your family. Your student will be a long way from home and in your care so you’ll play an important role in providing them with a safe, supportive and welcoming home environment.

As a homestay, you’ll support your international student by:

  • engaging and including the student in family and social activities
  • showing the student how to get around in your local area
  • setting up relevant bank and phone accounts
  • explaining household expectations, including household chores and norms.

To learn more about what it’s like to be a homestay, watch the video below.

Ready to get started? Apply now!

If you’re ready to welcome the world home and host an international school student, find out more about the steps to become a homestay here.