About our high schools

Our accredited high schools delivering the International Student Program are located across metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia. Their large open spaces and natural environments provide a clean, quiet and beautiful area to learn in.

wdt_ID High school Year levels Student age
1 Junior high school Years 8 - 10 13 - 15 years
2 Senior high school Years 11 - 12 16 - 18 years

Academic year

The academic year is made up of 4 terms (2 semesters) and starts in late January and ends mid-December.

  • Semester 1: terms 1 and 2
  • Semester 2: terms 3 and 4

There are approximately 10 weeks in each term followed by holidays.

A typical school day

Students attend school Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 3.30pm.

Lessons take place in a range of school locations including classrooms, science laboratories, specialist workshop and studio spaces, gymnasiums and outdoor sports fields. Some aspects of study may take place a work-place environment.

wdt_ID Time Activity
1 8.30am Arrive at school. Home group for attendance and daily notices.
2 8.45am Lessons such as English and Information Technology
3 10.45am Recess (a short break for a drink and snack)
4 11.00am Lessons such as Geography and Mathematics
5 12.45pm Lunch (time to eat lunch with your friends, attend activity clubs, music lessons or play sport)
6 1.30pm Lessons such as Home Economics and Science
7 3.30pm School finishes. Many students participate in after school sports or music practice.

School uniform

Each school has its own uniform which includes a summer, winter and sports uniform.

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