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Children of SA government endorsed scholarship holders

If you are a South Australian endorsed scholarship holder studying in a South Australian university or tertiary education institution on visa subclass 500, you may choose to enrol your unmarried school-aged children in a South Australian government school of your choice (subject to zoning and capacity). Your child’s visa subclass and your tertiary student status will determine the category of Dependant.

South Australian government endorsed scholarships include:

  • Australian government scholarships e.g. AusAID or International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • South Australian government scholarships
  • South Australian university scholarships
  • Some scholarships awarded by the tertiary student’s home country government, provincial or state government, or multilateral agency e.g. United Nations, World Bank or Asian Development Bank. For this scholarship, you must:
    • study at Flinders University, the University of Adelaide, Torrens University or University of South Australia
    • reside in South Australia for the duration (min. 75%) of your studies and
    • be studying a higher degree by research (visa subclass 500 – postgraduate research or foreign affairs/defence sectors).

If you do not have one of the above South Australian endorsed scholarships, you will need to enrol your dependants as Children of a full fee-paying international tertiary student.

Dependant Fee Waiver

If you have been awarded a full tuition fee waiver for your South Australian government endorsed scholarship, your children will also be eligible for a full tuition fee waiver for the length of your scholarship.

Please note: Dependant fee waivers are for the period of the scholarship, not the length of visa.

If you have been awarded a partial tuition fee waiver, for example 50%, your children will be eligible for a tuition fee waiver of the same percentage (e.g. 50%) of the Dependant fees. In such cases, a Letter of Offer will be issued detailing the initial fees payable.