How to apply

Please use this process as your guide to enrolling your children as Dependants.

1. Complete and submit your application form

Download the Tertiary Scholarship Verification Form and take it to your tertiary institution to complete.

You can either complete the online form or download a  Dependants of Scholarship Holders Application Form. Before you commence your application, please read the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and have the following information ready:

  • copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) issued by your tertiary institution (for Assessment Level 3-4 countries only)
  • copy of your Tertiary Scholarship Verification form completed by the university
  • copy of your passport details and visa (if available)
  • copy of your children’s passport details (if available)

2. Return Acceptance of Offer form

Your application will be processed and we will send you a Letter of Authority.

If you are a Higher degree by Research (HDR) student, with an approved scholarship from your home country, your Letter of Authority will include an Acceptance of Offer form and Dependant Notification of School form. Return your Acceptance of Offer form.

If you have been awarded a partial tuition fee waiver and are required to pay fees, we will send you a Letter of Offer for your children with an Acceptance of Offer form. Return your Acceptance of Offer form and arrange payment of fees as indicated on your Letter of Offer. Upon receipt of your form and payment, we will send you a Letter of Confirmation and Dependant Notification of School form. Following the initial payment on your Letter of Offer, you will be invoiced every semester to cover the Dependant fees for the following semester (two terms).

3. Enrol your children

Most government schools are zoned according to location. Once you have worked out where you will be living, you can find a South Australian government school for your children based on the zone in which you will be residing. Please be aware that due to some schools being at capacity they may be unable to accept your enrolment and alternative schools will be suggested.

Take the following documents to your local, zoned government school to enrol your children:

  • Letter of Authority
  • Dependant Notification of School form with your contact details completed
  • your visa and passport details
  • proof of your residential address
  • documents relating to each child
    • copy of school report (translated and certified)
    • copy of other relevant school information
    • copy of relevant health information

Your local school may advise you to enrol your children in an Intensive English Language Program to improve their English language skills before commencing at the local school. There is no additional fee to enrol in this program.

All South Australian government endorsed scholarship holders are also required to pay the school materials and services charge set by the local school at which your children will be attending. The school materials and services charge is set by the individual school depending on the materials and level of services provided. The charge usually ranges from $200 to $900 per annum and must be paid directly to the school.

If you received a Dependant Notification of School form, please return this to South Australian Government Schools.

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