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Taking Rongtian on a trip to central Australia,

We undertook a trip to central Australia, taking our host student Rongtian, from China with us. First we had to check off all the important things like:

  • Did Rongtian want to come with us?
  • Asking Rongtian’s parent’s permission
  • Planning the trip
  • seeking school and Department approvals

Then, we set off to Mildura to collect my brother’s camper-van, which would be our home for the following 12 days. All over, we travelled a little more than 5000km and ventured through 3 states.  South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory. What a wonderful experience for us and Rongtian to see the best of Australia’s outback.

Our Journey took us from Mildura to Port Augusta, and from Port Augusta to the Opal fields of Cooper Pedy.  We toured the underground town with Noble tours, which took us to many interesting sites, such as the dog fence, opal mines, and a beautiful sunset at The Breakaway Ranges. Having to put 20 cent pieces into the metre box to have a hot shower, reminded us of how precious water is in the outback.

We continued to the big rock – Uluru, and took a sunset camel ride, which was a highlight of our trip. We travelled up as high as Alice Springs, visiting Simpson Gap and Standley Chasm, where we purchased a very decorated didgeridoo made by the local people of the area.

I would highly recommend travelling further afield with your international student if possible.  We all had a fascinating experience of a life time, and our land down under has so much to showcase.