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Jenny, Vietnam

Why did you choose Adelaide as a place to study? 

After an exchange student programme to Australia, I decided to choose Adelaide as my destination. I was impressed by its enthusiastic and unique instructive method. I love how my teachers respect and inspire me to show my creativity, my thoughts upon every topic. Thus, boosting my confidence and developing my critical thinking. Besides being committed to study, extracurricular activities are highly encouraged. As an adventurous girl, Adelaide’s spectacular scenery not only attracted me but also made me wonder how much care conscientious people dedicate to preserve their environment.

My favourite thing about Adelaide is the warm-hearted people, from my homestay family to my teachers and friends. They’re loving, caring, devoted and have a great sense of humour. Once you step in this city, the cosiness will wash away your homesickness. I adore my homestay Mum who wasn’t my biological Mum but fate brought us to be family by heart. Every moment with her seems endless. I also valued my friends. They are the charming gardeners who always make my soul blossom.    

After I finish high school my plan is to attend university as a medical student. I desire to follow in my parent’s footsteps, to devote my life to medicine and science. With an ardent passion, I believe I could get over all the obstacles and accomplish my ambition-becoming an anaesthesiologist. Moreover, after graduating, settling down my life as an Australian citizen would be my next lifelong goal.

Advice to international students considering Adelaide as a study destination:

One of my biggest concerns when considering my studying abroad destination was school including high school and university. But I’m sure you would be amazed by Adelaide’s distinctive education system. We also have a wide variety of choices in universities. Quantity and quality are high with 3 universities (University of Adelaide, Flinders University and University of South Australia).

Like a fish out of the water, it was challenging for me to integrate myself into the society. I defined my 14-year-old self as an introverted and timid girl. Thanks to my Aussie friends, they came and turned my life into a new and bright chapter. However, nothing is achievable if you don’t put effort into it. I understand that international students usually struggle with making new friends. My advice is to be as dynamic as you could in extracurricular activities and seize any opportunity to be close to them. Eventually you will find your soulmates like the way me and my bestie, Leila did!