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Gabriel, Italy

“My name is Gabriel. I come from Italy and was looking for a unique experience abroad to improve my English proficiency and discover new and fascinating places. Well, by coming here I achieved these goals and many more.

I bonded with new people, both local and international students, travelled around Adelaide and the state, and volunteered as a speaker at Radio Italiana 531, an Italian-speaking community radio station.

During my time in South Australia, I became an International Ambassador at Adelaide High School and  taken part in numerous events in the “Festival State”, including Tarnanthi Aboriginal Arts Festival, the Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Writers’ Week, WOMADelaide and got to see the Christmas Pageant. I loved visiting the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Stirling Markets and  the beach.

I also encountered some challenges as well, such as homesickness, but I realized it was absolutely normal and that my motivation was such that this could never let me down. Moreover, I broadened my knowledge and perspective of the world, being able to see my culture and the culture of others under a different lens, as well as becoming even more aware of how crucial it is to have a different, unique point of view in the constantly interconnected, yet diverse world we live in. I’ve seen my academic and personal growth develop at such a different pace.

My South Australian journey and experience at Adelaide High School was life-changing every single day and I am extremely grateful I have lived this uniquely enriching adventure”.