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Chris, Vietnam

“Hi guys, Chris here, and I recently graduated from Unley High School in 2021.

Vietnam is my home country and Da Nang (for those who haven’t known; it is located in the middle of Vietnam, famous for magnificent beaches and breathtaking eco-tourists spots) is where I come from.

A few years ago, I just finished my first IELTS exam and received a favourable result. It was such a surprise for me since I didn’t expect that much. Nevertheless, the result had somehow impressed my mom so she finally ended up asking me how I think about a chance of studying abroad.

Since I was in secondary school, I have possessed a particular interest in going out of my country and to me at that time, my mom’s proposal was such a fortunate for myself. The answer “Yes” just took a heartbeat to come out of my mouth. But then, there was a question need to be solved: “Where shall I go?”

It seemed like a multiple choice question that every answer turned out to be perfectly suitable. I was so confused, I had no clue what should I do next. Fortunately, my superficial Geographic understanding had got my back this time. Australia was the most suitable choice for me since it it the only one located In the south hemisphere (also near the equator, too). Which means that it is mostly covered with Sunlight and beautiful days!

Among those big cities in Australia, Adelaide had caught my attention from the first glance since with its peace and cultural richness. It also comprises a numbers of natural parks and reserves, which sounds great for me as an explorer!

So here I am, in Adelaide, enjoying the wonderful life with lots of interesting, friendly people. If you are a sun-lover, you will love Adelaide. If you are a sea-lover, you will love Adelaide. If you are a mountain-lover, you will love Adelaide. Trust me, it isn’t biased or exaggerated, Adelaide is there to be loved!

I feel fresh and free everyday just breathing the air and saying hi with a big smile to strangers on the streets. Although it’s not as bustling and hustling like big cities, It still possesses the common traits for a modern lifestyle and be perfectly set-up for your future career.

Adelaide is a melting-pot, you can easily come across Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Malaysian and SO MANY ethnics! You would have a big chance to develop a deep multicultural understanding, as well as a complete set of communication skills. You would feel free to talk and laugh and enjoy your new life here and ready for a new chapter of your wonderful life!

Just a small notice, the winter is a bit severe (but trust me, it’s gonna be alright). Coldness and dryness could be a little bit irritating for your winter here, gloves and scarves are recommended, especially if you come from a tropical climate. Learning some greetings in other language (Japanese is what I’m currently learning now) could be another good idea, since people would feel more comfort by talking in their own language!

Personally, I believe you just need to keep your eyes open and enjoy how fascinating the new life at Adelaide is!”