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Study abroad programs since 1989 | South Australian Government Schools

About Us

South Australian Government Schools has been providing study abroad experiences to international students since 1989. There are 100 government schools in metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia accredited to deliver the International Student Program. We currently welcome over 1000 students from 35 countries to our schools. Both local and international students have the opportunity to meet and mix with other cultures and become global citizens.

Safety and wellbeing
South Australian Government Schools places great importance on the safety and wellbeing of all international students and maintains a 24 hour emergency contact service. Our support service starts before a student leaves their home country and continues throughout their study program to ensure students settle into life in South Australia and enjoy their experience at school and in their homestay.

High level of service
South Australian Government Schools prides itself on offering a high level of service and has extensive experience in developing and managing innovative professional development training programs for schools, government departments and businesses from around the world. We have the capacity to individually customise training programs to suit the development and learning needs of the group.

Training and support
South Australian Government Schools provide training and support to all families who host our international students, including a 24 hour emergency contact service. Each family and student is matched together according to each others needs to ensure a compatible and enjoyable experience.  

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