Koshi is having an amazing year

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Koshi chose to come to Adelaide “because Adelaide is famous for art. I have been dancing for about 8 years. So I was looking forward to learn dance as well.”“I am studying Year 11 but doing a Year 12 dance class.” Koshi’s Year 11 subjects are photography, modern history, drama, math apps, furniture and ESL (English Second Language). “I decided to do these subjects because I wanted to study what I cannot learn in Japan. Charles Campbell is really good Arts school, therefore I chose lots of Arts subjects this year.” Koshi is also attending a Dance Studio as an extra.“Because Adelaide is a very small city, you can network with famous dance people and companies. I worked with famous dance choreographers and companies and I talked to these people in workshops. I love the Fringe Art Festival in Adelaide. My most memorable experience is a workshop with the Sydney Dance Company. Sydney dance Company is my dream dance company. That was amazing experience.”

Koshi 2“I spend relax time in Adelaide more than when I was in Tokyo. School, dance and catch up with friends. I have lots of free time so I could think about my future in that time. In Tokyo everything are really busy and fast, so I really like life in Adelaide.”

“After I graduate high school in Japan, I am thinking of studying dance full time. I haven’t decided yet, so I will make decision with my teacher and parents in next year.”

Koshi, Tokyo, Charles Campbell College

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