Yes, you can go to the ball

In South Australia the school formal is a traditional part of the school calendar and is a much anticipated event.  It’s usually held towards the end of the year before exams and is open to year 11 and 12 students.  A venue is hired, the band booked, catering is organised and everyone gets dressed up.

For Japanese student Yuka and her host family, attending the formal was a highlight of their year.

Yuka’s host mum Nat says “Once Yuka said she wanted to attend the formal, we went full steam ahead!”.   Yuka was looking for a white dress and the perfect dress was soon found.

With the dress done, the family turned their attention to hair, make-up and Yuka’s ride to the red carpet event.   “We were lucky that our neighbour was a make-up expert, host sister Charley had the hair sorted and close family friends had a vintage car.” says Nat.

Yuka said though she felt a bit shy, dancing with friends at the formal was fun.

yuka - getting ready-fix


yuka - getting ready-fix2


yuka formal fix



2 Responses to “Yes, you can go to the ball”

  1. What a great story for Yuka to tell back in Japan. It’s great that Australia has retained its own school ball traditions, without going down the American path of “prom king and queen”. I remember by school ball fondly some 10 years later, as will Yuka I’m sure!!

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