Why would you study abroad?

Studying Abroad is a life changing and rewarding experience

Deciding to study abroad is a big decision for both you and your parents.
Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to:

  • learn and improve your English language skills
  • try new subjects and develop an adaptable learning style
  • improve your tertiary education and career prospects
  • learn to appreciate other cultures
  • gain a unique and new appreciation of your own home country
  • meet interesting people from around the world
  • learn to be more independent, mature and confident

Even if you are not sure what career path you will take, understanding other cultures and being able to communicate in English (the third most common language spoken world-wide) will open up so many opportunities and give you a distinct advantage over someone who does not have these skills.

When should you study abroad?

You can choose to study abroad at any point in your educational journey, however, leaning to adapt to a new study and living environment will be easier in the supportive, structured environment of a school and homestay family.

The learning environment in a South Australian government school is specially designed to support international students and focuses on teaching English so you can succeed in your studies and make local friends. This means that when you graduate it will be easier for you to achieve in your tertiary studies.

What are your study options?

With South Australian Government Schools you can:

Are you ready?

To help you when you arrive to study in a South Australian government school you will take part in a comprehensive orientation program to help you settle in. There will also be plenty of people at your school and in your homestay to ask for help, but is there anything you can do before you arrive to prepare yourself for your upcoming experience?

Here are some things to think about:

Cultural differences
You will be used to a particular lifestyle including way of studying, home-life, food and having your friends and family nearby. Think about how you can adapt when studying abroad in a country where you won’t know anyone, do not understand the customs and may not speak the language.

How can I adapt?
Research! Look up Australia, South Australia and Adelaide on the internet or in the library.

There is so much to look up, where do I start?
To start you off, you can read our Living in South Australia page for information about public transport, currency and things to do and the Stories and Photos page for first hand experiences of current and past students.

Learning English

Studying abroad in South Australia gives you the chance to become fluent in the English language, which will help you build confidence and is an attractive skill for future employers. You will need to be disciplined in making the effort to learn English.

How can I prepare?
Good preparation techniques for learning and improving your English before you leave your home country include:

  • watch movies in English with subtitles in your language
  • talk to people you know who can speak English about how they learned
  • read English websites, comics, books and magazines
  • look up the English terminology of items or concepts from your current classes that you will also take when studying abroad, for example, mathematical terms

For more ideas, read our Top 10 Tips for speaking English post!


The more determined you are to learn English, the faster you will make friends with local students, find studying easier and have a great experience.

What about money?

The Australian currency might be very different to your home country’s currency. Try and familiarise yourself with it before arriving in South Australia.

When thinking about how much money you need, remember that you might need to buy bus or train tickets, mobile phone credit, clothes, toiletries and other personal items. South Australian Government Schools provides a useful guide to cost of living expenses.


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