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Welcome to our blog!

South Australian Government Schools is getting into the social media scene so we can connect better with you.

After 21 years of providing study abroad experiences to international students, we now have over 100 schools in metropolitan Adelaide and regional South Australia that you can choose to study at.

Each school is unique in the education and social experience they offer to students. Many schools offer specialised subjects in mathematics and science, music and performing arts, sports and languages. Every school offers English language support to help you settle in and succeed in your studies.

Who is South Australian Government Schools?

The Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) in South Australia trades as South Australian Government Schools in the international marketplace.

We have an international unit called International Education Services, responsible for managing all international programs. We look after you from the time you decide to study with us; before leaving your home country until you complete your study program, which includes:

  • Recommending the right school for you
  • Pre-departure information
  • Placing you in your chosen school
  • Matching you with a caring homestay
  • 24 hour emergency phone service

Our students

Our students come from over 35 countries to experience the Australian way of life, make new friends, improve their English and broaden their educational and career prospects.

On our blog

Here you will read about:

  • our international programs
  • great stories from our international students
  • our primary and high schools
  • upcoming events
  • hints and tips for homestays
  • fun things to see and do
  • our beautiful state, South Australia

We would love to hear from you!

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We hope you enjoy our posts and look forward to your comments!

9 Responses to “New blog for international students, homestays, schools and education agents!”

    • Thanks for your questions Kristy.

      School-aged international students who choose to study with South Australian Government Schools in the International Student Program have access to a fee schedule outlining the costs of studying and living in South Australia. We suggest that parents should budget for additional school and cost of living expenses for their children while they are completing their studies which may include, but are not limited to the items on the fee schedule.

      For parents who are international tertiary students themselves studying an award course in a South Australian university or tertiary education institution, they may choose to enrol their school-aged children in a South Australian government school as Dependants for the duration of their visa. School fees for dependant students can be found on our website under Children of International Tertiary Students

  1. Amazing blog! International students have numerous questions in their mind before applying for a school, college or university. This is a very nice blog for students who wish to apply to South Australian Government Schools welcomes.

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