Tomohiro’s New Aim

International student, Tomohiro travelled to Adelaide, South Australia in 2013 to take part in our 6 week Ritsumeikan Study Tour. He enjoyed his visit so much, that after returning home to Japan, he applied to enter our High School Graduate Program.

In 2014 Tomohiro came back to Adelaide to study at Henley High School. However it wasn’t long before the lure of Seaton High School’s baseball program saw Tomohiro transferring  schools.

Tomohiro, a right handed pitcher and outfielder, commenced playing in Seaton High School’s under-17s before progressing to the B-grade. He was then selected for the A-grade team, becoming one of the youngest players to represent his school in A-grade baseball.


“I wanted to play in a club team but I didn’t think I’d play A-grade” Tomohiro said surprised by his own success. His family were thrilled with his outstanding achievements.

Tomohiro’s long term goal is to become a baseball coach “The longest players play 20 years… but coaching you can do (until) just before you’re dead.  I want to do baseball all my life.” He told a local reporter in an interview for the Portside Messenger newspaper.


Like Seaton High School’s baseball program, many of our schools offer special interest subjects in music, art, languages or sports.  Visit our website for further details.




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