The Benefits of using an Education Agent

Studying abroad is a big decision – where to study, what program to study, when to commence and then submitting your application, sorting out flights and getting a passport and visa can all be a bit daunting. However for education agents, this is what they assist students and parents with every day.

At South Australian Government Schools, we always recommend that you consider using the services of an education agent to help you in this decision and throughout your journey.

So, what is an education agent and what can you expect?

An education agent is a person or company that provides advice and support to students who are interested in studying abroad. They submit the application on behalf of the student to the education provider and provide a range of services including booking flights, arranging visas and conducting pre-departure information sessions.

education agent

Experienced education agents have a detailed knowledge and understanding of:

  • overseas education systems
  • education providers and their programs
  • student visa application requirements

All education agents working with and on behalf of South Australian Government Schools are accredited and monitored by the Department for Education and Child Development to ensure that they provide accurate advice and quality services to all students and their families.

How can an education agent benefit you?

An education agent can assist you in so many ways:

education agent

  • counsel you on your interests and career ambitions
  • offer information and advice in your own language
  • recommend a program option that will best suit you
  • assess your academic qualifications and English proficiency
  • help you choose a school
  • answer any queries or concerns you may have about studying abroad including: homestay accommodation, cost of living, additional school costs and adjusting to the Australian culture
  • translate and explain important document such as: Letter of Offer, Confirmation of Enrolment, Terms and Conditions and School Reports
  • liaise with the education provider on your behalf
  • assist you with the student application process
  • assist you with the formalities including visa and overseas health cover
  • conduct pre-departure information session
  • provide valuable follow-up services once you have commenced your program

For countries where the student visa application process is particularly complex, we highly recommend that you use the services of an education agent. They can greatly assist in preparation of your student visa application and all the necessary documentation (including financial) to ensure that your visa application is processed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

So if you want to ensure that you have all the facts and are keen to save time and effort on all the formalities, consider using an education agent when booking your study abroad experience. Visit our website for your nearest accredited education agent and we look forward to welcoming you to South Australia soon!

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