Frequently Asked Questions

What is Overseas Student Health Cover?

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is medical insurance which will help you pay for doctor’s fees, ambulance, x-rays and blood tests, hospital cover and medication while studying in South Australia. South Australia Government Schools will organise OSHC for all students on a student visa.  If you are a Primary School Study Abroad Program student, OHSC is included in the cost of your program fee. If you are a Primary School Program student, there is an annual OHSC fee in addition to your tuition fees.

Why do I need Overseas Student Health Cover?

As an international student, you are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of your student visa. Health cover will ensure that you have access to essential health services whilst you are in Australia.

Who will help me if I have a problem?

There are a number of people who can assist you if you are having problems at school including your International Student Program Manager, homegroup teacher, school counsellor and officers of South Australian Government Schools. In the case of an emergency, South Australian Government Schools operates a 24 hour emergency phone service.

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