Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between school and Foundation courses?

South Australian Government Schools do not offer Foundation courses. The main differences between school and Foundation courses relate to English preparation, range of subjects available and support services.

Our international students often commence in Year 10 or 11 in order to complete an intensive secondary English course which will prepare them for Year 12 and university study. In Year 12, many students study ‘English as an Additional Language’ which will enable them to enter university without an IELTS score.

You will have access to a broader range of subjects in our schools which will give you more options for your university studies. Foundation courses prepare you for entry into a particular course of study at university and without the experience of studying different subjects in Year 12 it is difficult to transfer into a different course if your aspirations change.

Our schools also provide the care and support to help you succeed in your studies including in-class support, tutorial sessions if you need extra help, personal and subject counselling and your International Student Program Manager is always there to talk to.

Do you offer student exchanges or scholarships?

Our international student program is not a reciprocal exchange program. We also do not currently offer scholarships to international students, however, check with your agent for scholarship or financial assistance opportunities offered in your home country for studying abroad.

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