Stories from our Brazilian Study Abroad Students!

Our wonderful students from the Brazilian state of Pernambuco are half-way through their ‘Win the World’ study abroad program, which is being sponsored by the Pernambuco state government to reward academic excellence by students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Read about the students’ arrival in South Australia

Here are some stories from the students about their experiences so far!



Anderson, Rosany and Wagner, Orroroo Area School

Orroroo Area School Pernambuco StudentsWe, Anderson, Rosany and Wagner, are Brazilian exchange students who dreamed to participate in the program, ‘Win The World’ prepared by the Government of Pernambuco, a program that offers scholarships abroad to students who achieved them on merit. After almost two days of travel we arrived in Australia, on February 07 at 23:00 pm and straight away had another trip of 3:30 hours drive to Orroroo, a small town that does not have many people but can be considered an awesome place to live. We met out host families and parted until we met again at Orroroo Area School.

Upon arriving at school we were introduced to all the other students and met our classmates and great teachers. During our stay we already know different places near the town. Everything here is completely different than we had imagined, from people to places. We also had an opportunity to visit the Flinders Ranges National Park along with all members of the 3 families! We’re really enjoying and learning a lot. Australia has become unforgettable for us!

Johnny, Glenunga International High School

When I first arrived here, I perceived a difference: it sounded like a song, it smelled like tasty food, it looked like a different world, where people are polite, friendly and funny. I felt free and enjoyed the moment. This year is a special year for me, moving from Brazil to Australia, to improve my English. I’m living with a host family and I have household chores, this is very different from my life in Brazil. Adelaide is such a calm city, there are nice beaches and a beautiful city town. The public transport works well, and I can go everywhere by bus. The people in Adelaide love sports, mainly soccer, which I can play and love it. I joined a good club and every Sunday I have a real game to play.

Glenunga International High School is my school. There I made new friends and knew lots of different people from different countries of over the world. Besides, the school provides excursions for the students. One week ago, I went to Cleland Wildlife to see kangaroos and other Australian animals. In Glenunga, there are good teachers and such nice directors, such as Ms. Makris and Ms. Munday, who help me. Classes like Media and Robotic are different options for me, this makes my school days more interesting. I can conclude this is an excellent school, that integrates myself more and more into Australian society. Australia is a beautiful country.

Nadine, Marryatville High School

Marryatville High School Pernambuco StudentsI am Nadine and I am very happy to get this exchange, this is a unique opportunity in my life, I’m enjoying all my time in Australia. I’m liking very much my school but am having some difficulties, but in all of my school work I do my best. I’m studying at home to get a better result and fluent English. My family and great, we have fun and we have been to many different places. My host mother makes me feel at home and also helps me in everything that I need, including helping me in pronouncing some words. I made me friends in Australia with students from other countries, and also with some friends of my host mother. I’m sure I will really miss everything that I’m experiencing from living in Australia. And about the project that I have to create when I return to Brazil I have some ideas, and begin to collect information to make the project this holiday. It is an excellent experience in my life and I will really miss all my moments in Australia.

José, Birdwood High School

Australia has made great tales that marked my life, I will not forget any special moment such as: participating in fire training with my mother, seeing new places and camping, many new experiences. These are unforgettable moments in my life, because I never thought I’d be in another country knowing wonderful people, it’s cool. I really enjoyed the school. Teachers are nice, showing us quite enough attention when we need it.

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