South Australian Government Schools goes to Toyota city!

On a recent student recruitment and business development trip to Japan, South Australian Government Schools representatives travelled to Toyota city to meet the Mayor of Toyota city, Mr Toshihiko Ota, and Superintendent of the Toyota Board of Education, Mr Yasuhiro Kasai.

Toyota city is located in Aichi prefecture and is within one hour from Nagoya city. The city is host to the headquarters of Toyota, the car manufacturer, plus several other production plants.



The purpose of this meeting was for the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development to connect with Toyota city and promote South Australian Government Schools and our programs and services and to discuss potential opportunities with the Superintendent. Programs of interest were

A local paper for Toyota city covered the meeting held at the office of the mayor of Toyota city. You can read the article below (with translation), or you can watch it on the Toyota NOW news website.

Public Relations Visit from State Education Department to Toyota City Public Relations Visit from State Education Department to Toyota City
On 20 May 2013, two representatives from the South Australian State Government Education Department met with Toyota city Mayor Mr Toshihiko Ota to promote overseas study in South Australia, a state of Australia that is placing much effort into recruiting international students. According to Toyota city, the population of South Australia is 1.2 million, has a moderate climate and is a safe place to live. Executive Manager of Marketing and International Business, Ms Jill Simmons (left) and International Business Coordinator, Mr Andre Petrillo, are in Japan for two weeks conducting public relations activities. Ms Simmons introduced several programs for the acceptance of international students ranging from short to long term in length. Ms Simmons also called on Mr Ota to visit Adelaide.


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