The Heights School (Primary)

This is the Primary School Profile (Reception - Year 7) for The Heights School.

The Heights School is a Reception to Year 12 school located on a 10 hectare property in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide. The school is in close proximity to a major shopping centre with cinemas, dining, entertainment and extensive sporting and recreational facilities including swimming pool, bowling and skate boarding. The Heights School enjoys high community regard for its academic programs and focus on gifted education.

International programs

  • Primary School Program
  • Primary School Study Abroad Program
  • Study Tours

School focus

  • Academic excellence
  • Gifted education
  • Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden program (Years 3-5)
  • Feed the Planet program (Years 6-7)
  • The Arts program - performing arts (Reception - Year 5)
  • Pre-IGNITE class for gifted students (Years 6-7)
  • Pedal Prix engineering skills program (Years 6-7)


  • Updated resource centre
  • Specialist kitchen
  • Activities room
  • Astronomical observatory
  • Sporting facilities - gymnasium, cricket pitch, sports ovals
  • Fruit and vegetable garden
  • Canteen


  • Indonesian language and culture (Reception - Year 7)

Support services

  • English language support
  • International Student Program manager
  • Student buddy system
  • Gifted education support
  • Out of school hours care service

Co-curricular sports

  • Athletics
  • Australian Rules football, soccer
  • Cricket
  • Swimming

Other co-curricular activities

  • Music - instrumental tuition, festival choir, band
  • Pedal Prix engineering skills team

Languages and Co-curricular sports may be subject to student numbers.

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