School Registration and Accreditation

International Education Services (IES) has developed the School Registration and Accreditation Booklet for schools that wish to host full fee-paying international students. Only schools accredited by IES can accept international students (visa subclass 500 – school sector).

Accredited schools are required to:

  • comply with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) National Code of Practice (The National Code 2018)
  • meet the quality service standards required by International Education Services

School Accreditation Framework

The framework below provides an overview of the legislation, responsibilities, registration and agreement. Links to key information on the Department of Education and Training (DET) website are also provided for your reference.

Policy and Legislation

 The ESOS legislative framework governs:

  • the registration process and obligations of registered education providers
  • the Tuition Protection Service (TPS)
  • enforcement and compliance arrangements

For further information, refer to the ESOS legislative framework.

National Standards

The National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code) sets national standards for the delivery of courses to international students. Education providers must comply with the National Code to maintain their registration.

For further information, refer to the National Code 2018 Factsheets.

Regulatory Responsibilities

Under the ESOS legislation, the DET is the ESOS agency for schools. Their regulatory function is devolved to the state designated authority which in South Australia is the Education Standards Board (the Board). The Board is responsible for regulating the provision of education and care services in South Australia, ensuring quality education services and maintaining high standards of competence and conduct by providers.

For further information, refer to the Overview of Regulatory Responsibilities on page 4 of the School Registration and Accreditation Booklet.

Roles and Responsibilities under the National Code

The national standards set out in the National Code govern the protection of international students and the delivery of courses to those students by registered providers and those who deliver education services on behalf of the registered provider. IES and schools share responsibility for ensuring compliance with the standards.

For further information, refer to Roles and Responsibilities under the National Code on page 5 of the School Registration and Accreditation Booklet. 

Registration and Accreditation for Schools

The registration and accreditation process requires schools to attest to complying with all requirements of the South Australian Government Schools International Student Program as identified in the Registration and Accreditation Agreement.

Training and Resources

Staff responsible for the International Student Program in schools are required to undertake training provided by IES. Resources to support the management of the international program are available on the School Staff portal on the IES website. Schools will have access to the portal once accredited.

Please refer to the following key International Student Program documents:


For all school registration and accreditation inquiries, please email Robyn Garbett, IES Administration Coordinator, or phone (08) 82262287.


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