Nikolas from Cyprus reflects on international mindedness

“I am an international student and I came to Australia early this year. Since then, I have been continuously surprised with the great developments in education and the positive mindset of the Australian community.

So far, it has been an exciting experience to meet people of such different cultures, people who thrive on international mindedness and harmony. I witness this on a daily basis and I look forward to sharing my experiences with my own family when I return to Cyprus after finishing my studies.

I usually talk with my friends about the distinctions between religions and we always conclude that they all have the same purpose of maintaining peace. It is such a privilege to be in an environment where each and every individual is celebrated.

International Day

Furthermore, I can see that there is great support from teachers who are passionate about their teaching and committed to their role as educators.”

Nikolas (Glenunga International High School, 2015)

Valuing personal heritage within our community

Celebrating the multicultural diversity at Glenunga International High School has been a long standing tradition. The school is represented by over 75 different nationalities of birth, a feature of the school that is celebrated by staff, students and guests on International Day.  Amongst those that have donned their own national costumes, stories are shared and moments of cultural significance are reflected upon.  Awareness, understanding, fun, music, food and laughter are the focus of the day.

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