Making friends at the zoo

The Adelaide Zoo is one of the city’s many attractions and it’s a good place to get up close to some new Aussie friends.  Kangaroo’s aren’t the only adorable natives you’ll meet at the zoo.  There are dainty rock wallabies, cuddly Koalas and the shy Tasmanian devil to meet and greet.  The Adelaide Zoo is also home to 247 other species from around the world including giraffes and pandas, which makes for a great day out.

Marina’s homestay parents took Marina on a trip to the zoo during the April school holidays.  Many of our homestay parents enjoy spending time with their students exploring the city, going to the beach and taking drives through the country.  To help our families get out and about with their student we host the annual homestay picnic and with the help of Study Adelaide, we gave away tickets to the zoo.    Coming up our host families will be off to cooking school with a chef that speaks 7 different languages.





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