International Education – a family investment

Families have many personal and educational reasons for sending their children abroad to study but in doing so, they are also making an important financial decision.

South Australia is a family-friendly choice for international education and at South Australian Government Schools, we offer a discount to families who have more than one child studying abroad with us at the same time as a primary or high school student.

We offer a 10% discount on tuition fees for the second and subsequent siblings. In addition, if all applications are processed at the same time, a single initial administration and support services fee only is charged.

Please contact us If you would like more information on your eligibility and the conditions for receiving a sibling discount.

Sibling discount is just one reason to choose to study abroad in South Australia

For your child to study abroad in South Australia it is an exciting and rewarding experience for them, giving them the opportunity to:

  • become a global citizen by experiencing and understanding a different culture
  • broaden their experiences by living and studying abroad
  • learn English and improve their language skills
  • meet new people and share their culture
  • make friends for life and become more independent

South Australian Government Schools sibling discountFor children who are in high school, they will live with a caring local South Australian family and have access to studying different subjects to help them achieve their career aspirations; they may even discover a new career path! Studying in South Australia will also give them access to Australian universities.

While studying abroad they may also to travel to different parts of Australia and see new places that are very different to their home country. They will taste new food and encounter our famous Australian animals such as kangaroos and koalas.


Why study in a South Australian government school?

South Australian Government Schools represents 100 primary and secondary public schools in South Australia with each school specialising in particular subjects and areas of education. You can choose from short or long term programs, depending on your purpose for your children studying abroad. They will be placed in a school to meet their needs, matched with one of our caring homestay families (if they are high school students) and supported throughout their program. South Australian Government Schools also provides an intensive English tuition course if they need to develop their reading, writing and spoken English language skills before entering mainstream classes.

Our schools provide a comprehensive orientation program in the first week of school and will introduce your children to their buddies (local students) who will show them around the school and help them meet local students. As well as being part of the local student community they will also be part of a small community of other international students studying at the school.

South Australian Government Schools manages a homestay program for local families who are accredited to host international students. All adult family members are police checked and their houses and facilities inspected prior to an international student being placed there. We also provide subject counselling, ongoing English language support and a 24 hours emergency phone service.

What programs do South Australian Government Schools offer?

outh Australian Government Schools sibling discountSouth Australian Government Schools have a range of short term and long term programs for primary and secondary students.

High School Students (for students aged 13-18 years):

High School Graduate Program – 1 year to 5 years
High School Study Abroad Program – up to 4 terms
Regional Study Abroad Program– up to 4 terms

Primary School Students (for students aged 5-13 years):

Primary School Program – 1 year to 7 years
Primary School Study Abroad Program– up to 4 terms

If you would like more information on sibling discounts, our schools or support services we would love to hear from you.

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