Indonesian students participate in book exchange at Adelaide City Council Library

Forty one high school students from SMP5 in Bedung, Indonesia, arrived into Adelaide, South Australia on 2 February 2013 for a 9 day study tour with South Australian Government Schools. The study tour was organised by Knowledge Exchange Australia Pty Ltd and Pengembangan Potensi Indonesia and hosted by Henley High School and Le Fevre High School in metropolitan Adelaide.

As part of their program, students participated in a book exchange held at the Adelaide City Council Library on 7 February, 2013. SMP5 students donated 85 Indonesian books to assist South Australian students in learning their language, Bahasa Indonesian, and increase their understanding of Indonesian culture. The Adelaide City Council Library reciprocated by donating English books to the Indonesian study tour group to further their English studies.

According to Indonesian students interviewed:

‘We have brought books from Indonesia because I personally think that there a lot of brilliant Indonesian authors’

‘By giving our books to this library, I hope that this will be an improvement to the Indonesian literature and that Indonesian books will be known to the world’

During their stay in South Australia, students spent time studying alongside Australian students in the classroom and had the opportunity to participate in various activities including swimming with the dolphins from the sailing yacht, Temptation, at Glenelg Beach, one of Adelaide’s premier metropolitan beaches.

Indonesian taught in South Australian government schools

Bahasa Indonesian, is the second most popular language taught in South Australian government schools. Indonesia is Australia’s closest neighbours so positive collaboration between people, government and industry are vital to facilitate understanding, partnerships and business for the benefit of both nations.

‘I do hope that through this kind of partnership, Indonesia and Australia can be partners in not only education, but other fields as well’, expressed one Indonesian school representative.

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