I have improved at speaking and listening to English…

This phrase was repeatedly written across many of the 2012 end of year reports written by primary school-aged international students studying in a South Australian government primary school. The majority of these students are from Korea and Japan and are aged between 5 years of age and 13 years of age.

Whilst studying in an accredited South Australian government primary school, international students will receive the support they need to learn and improve their English through a range of English language support services.



These support services can include a mixture of

  • small group lessons away from the main class to help with learning and improving English language skills
  • in-class support to help understand what is happening in the classroom in that lesson.

To determine the level, frequency and type of support the international student needs, the school will assess each student enrolled in the Primary School Program or Primary School Study Abroad Program and continually monitor the student’s progress.

Here are some of the reports from primary school students studying at Linden Park Schools


Here are two of our international primary school students from Korea demonstrating their improved English language skills whilst studying at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

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