I chose Adelaide because it is famous for the Arts

Koshi from Tokyo, Setagaya is having an amazing year at Charles Campbell College. He was in the school’s Fringe Festival Performance 3 weeks after he arrived. In Term 2 he was in the whole school production “Wizard of Oz” and has been one of the stars in the Year 12 Dance Moderation Performance “Instinct”. Koshi chose to come to Adelaide “because Adelaide is famous for art. I have been dancing for about 8 years. So I was looking forward to learn dance as well.”

Koshi is studying in Adeliade as part of a program offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education. “I am studying Year 11 but doing a Year 12 dance class.” Koshi’s Year 11 subjects are

photography, modern history, drama, math apps, furniture and ESL (English Second Language). “I decided to do these subjects because I wanted to study what I cannot learn in Japan. Charles Campbell is really good Arts school, therefore I chose lots of Arts subjects this year.” Koshi is also attending a Dance Studio as an extra.

Koshi in group

“Because Adelaide is a very small city, you can network with famous dance people and companies. I worked with famous dance choreographers and companies and I talked to these people in workshops. I love the Fringe Art Festival in Adelaide. My most memorable experience is a workshop with the Sydney Dance Company. Sydney dance Company is my dream dance company. That was amazing experience.”

“I spend relax time in Adelaide more than when I was in Tokyo. School, dance and catch up with friends. I have lots of free time so I could think about my future in that time. In Tokyo everything are really busy and fast, so I really like life in Adelaide.”

“After I graduate high school in Japan, I am thinking of studying dance full time. I haven’t decided yet, so I will make decision with my teacher and parents in next year.”


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