Nominated homestay application process

Steps to become a nominated homestay

Step 1 Read the Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions for Homestay Providers explains your responsibilities as a homestay and are available in English, Korean, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

Step 2 Complete the on-line application form
Submit your homestay application (link below) and provide all photos requested of your family and home.

Step 3 Working With Children Check (WWCC)
All persons over the age of 18 residing in your home (except international students studying in a South Australian government school) are required to have a Working With Children Check from the Department for Human Services (DHS) which is valid for 5 years. If you already have a current Child Related Employment Screening it will be recognised until it expires.

Please provide copies of any current Working With Children Checks (formerly Child Related Employment Screening) or South Australian Teacher Registration Certificates.

If you do not have a current Working With Children Check (formerly Child Related Employment Screening), we will initiate your screening application online (at no cost to you) with the Screening Unit. You will receive an email from the Screening Unit to activate and complete your application.

Information sheets outlining the WWCC online application process are available in English, Korean, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

Step 4 Home visit and interview
Once your homestay application has been assessed and Working With Children Checks (formerly Child Related Employment Screening/s) have been received, one of our accommodation officers will contact you to arrange a home visit and interview. We will explain your responsibilities in more detail, answer any questions that you may have and with your permission, take additional photos of your family and home.

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