High School Graduate Program

As the end of the 2014 Australian school year approaches, many of our international students who are enrolled in our High School Graduate Program will be finishing their lessons at school and going on SWOTVAC – studying without teaching vacation – to study for their final exams.

For students studying high school in South Australia, the final two years of their schooling (Year 11 and Year 12) are spent working toward achieving their SACE, or South Australian Certificate of Education. The SACE is an internationally recognised qualification that is based on a credit system. Students need a total of 200 credits (awarded per subject taken) to be successful.

Read this blog on the SACE for more information about this system.

So, can you study the High School Graduate Program and achieve your SACE?

If you are 13 years of age or older and want to study abroad for more than one year then the High School Graduate Program is for you! You can experience studying alongside Australian students and live with one of our caring homestay families.

High school in South Australia starts in Year 8 (when you are 13), but you can enrol in the High School Graduate Program at any point from Year 8 to Year 12* and attend a metropolitan school. As part of your study program, you may be recommended to undertake the Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC) to assist with your English language development which will help you succeed and adjust to life in South Australia.

*Due to the study load and English language requirements, direct entry into Year 12 is not recommended.

What does the High School Graduate Program include?

Aside from studying in one of our schools, the High School Graduate Program includes a number of services:

Prior to you arriving in Adelaide, we will

  • Process your application (and communicate with your agent if you have one)
  • Organise your school placement
  • Organise your homestay accommodation
  • Send you a pre-departure pack to assist with your preparation

When you arrive in Adelaide, we will meet you at the Adelaide airport and introduce you to your homestay family. When you start at school, your International Student Program Manager will

  • Take you on a school tour
  • Assist with your school enrolment
  • Go through the orientation program material
  • Assist you with picking up your school materials and stationary

While you are studying at your school, you will have access to the following services to help you achieve your academic goals:

  • Counselling to ensure you are adjusting to life in Australia
  • Subject and pathway counselling to plan out your future studies
  • Academic reports on your progress each term

Visit our website for more information about being a high school student in South Australia and entry requirements for the High School Graduate Program.

We hope to see you soon!

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