Farewell to the Class of 2012!

To all international students studying in a South Australian government school who have recently graduated we would like to say WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS for finishing Year 12!

As with all the Year 12 graduates, the journey has been an interesting one punctuated by ups and downs, fun and frustration, successes and stress – hopefully made all the more easier to manage with a support network of friends, teachers and your homestay family.

Now you can sit back and relax and wait for your SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) results!


What does 2013 hold for you?

For some of you, graduating from high school signals the end of your study abroad experience and you will return to your home country. You will be richer for your experience of living and studying away from home and will pursue further education or enter your chosen career. For others, you will stay on to continue your journey of studying abroad at TAFE, university or another tertiary institution in South Australia or elsewhere in Australia.

We would love to hear what your plans are!

Once again, congratulations on being brave enough to embark on your study abroad journey and strong enough to see it through to the end of high school!

We wish you all the very best with the next stage of your journey.

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