Ever thought about studying in the country?

If you live in a city and are looking for a very different experience – how about studying at one of our regional schools?

For Sayako the change from living in an eighth floor apartment in one of the world’s largest cities to life in a small country town in the Riverland region of South Australia has turned out to be a journey that she will never forget.  But just how different is it from her home environment?

“It’s very different  from my country; my country’s colour is grey, here it is all green,” the 16-year-old Renmark High School student said.

“The sky we can see is very small, but here the sky is very big, we see very beautiful stars, I can’t see stars a lot in my country.”

And as for family life…

Host mother Danielle Weeks feels that Sayako has adapted easily to Australian food  and Sayako says her host family’s routines are really not that different to those of her own family  in Japan.

However her queen-size bed has taken some getting used to. “My bed is very big, first I couldn’t sleep well, but I got used to it now,” Sayako said. “In Japan I sleep on the floor, so every time we sleep we have to put on my sheet, it’s called a futon.”

What about school?

Sayako said studying at Renmark High School was initially difficult because of the language barriers but now she is enjoying the more relaxed atmosphere and different teaching styles.

“It’s different from my school, my school is very hard, we don’t change classrooms, we only sit and listen to what the teacher say and write what the teacher write,” Sayako said.

You can take a closer look at Renmark High School here and some of our other regional schools here.


Extracts from ABC Riverland 19 March 2015


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Sayako and host family  (above)

Renmark High School (below)

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