Choosing the right school for you

After doing your research and deciding on your study abroad destination you need to decide on which school to study at.

When you choose to study abroad with South Australian Government Schools, you can choose from more than 100 primary and high schools…but don’t be overwhelmed! This blog will give you some tips on how to figure out which school is right for you. Our agents and staff are also here to help you. We can find the right school for you!



Considerations that may influence your primary school or high school selection

Consider the following to help you decide on the right school for you:

Primary school or high school student?
Choose a South Australian government schoolAre you 5-12 years of age? If so, you will be a primary school student and your last year of primary school will be Year 7. You will not be able to live with a homestay family so your parent will need to come with you.
Consider a Reception – Year 12 (R-12) school if your study abroad period will start in a primary school and finish in high school as the transition to high school may be easier.

Are you 13-18 years of age? If so, you will be a high school student and your first year of high school will be Year 8. You will be able to live with a homestay family and travel home to visit your parents during school holidays.

Choose a South Australian government schoolWould you like to live and study in metropolitan Adelaide or regional South Australia?
Adelaide metropolitan school- Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is a well-planned city of approximately 1.2 million people. Surrounded by green parklands, Adelaide is one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world. Beyond the inner city, the suburbs stretch from the hills to the sea.

South Australian regional school – South Australia has many beautiful and varied regions including the Riverland, Flinders Ranges, the Limestone Coast and Kangaroo Island. Regional South Australia offers a uniquely Australian experience, good living and unspoilt natural environments.

Long term study or short term study?
Will your study abroad period be one year or less, or more than one year?
If you will be studying for one year or less you can enrol in the Primary School Study Abroad Program, High School Study Abroad Program or Regional Study Abroad Program.
If you will be studying for more than one year you can enrol in the Primary School Program or High School Graduate Program.

Choose a South Australian government schoolSubjects
Are there any subjects you must study or subjects you want to study to match your individual interests and ambitions?
Read our curriculum post for more information on subjects.

Are there any languages other than English that you must study, continue to study or want to study while you are in South Australia? Use the search function on the Choose a Primary School or Choose a High School page. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us as there are options to study languages in our schools through the School of Languages.

South Australian Government Schools is the right choice for you!
Read what each of our schools has to offer by visiting the South Australian Government Schools website.


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