Ning, China

My name is Ning Fan and I am from Luoyang, China. I was an international student of Charles Campbell College from 2010 to 2013. Moreover, it was an honour to be an International Student Captain of Charles Campbell College in 2013. I still remember the time when I was in Charles Campbell College.

My teachers were always very patient and kind to me. I developed my skills in writing and speaking in English with their help and also enhanced the culture understanding of Australia in class. Later, I achieved a satisfactory grade in Year 12 to enter University of Adelaide for the tertiary study in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering. Now I have graduated from this course in May 2018 and I have found a job in a pharmaceutical and biotechnological company in Hangzhou, China. I plan to go back to China for the next few years. However, I will never forget the experience of studying in Adelaide.

This experience helped me to develop skills in the professional area and also abilities for problem solving. I built up the confidence to overcome challenges in my life as well. Finally, I want to say thanks to my family, teachers and friends. Their support and encouragement helps me a lot in my life. I appreciated it.

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Angela attends the Tertiary Information Session

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“First of all, I want to say thank you for arranging this useful and organized information session for International students. I enjoyed it throughout.”

South Australian Government Schools recently held a tertiary information session specifically for international High School Graduate Program students. Students received valuable information on:

  • new courses and programs being offered
  • university pathways
  • international student enrolments
  • services, support and facilities offered by the institutions

“This is the first International information session I attended that involves so many secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions, which is unprecedented and wonderful! It assembled most of the tertiary institutions and delivered us compacted information, which enables us to compare them better. The session is also internationally [international student] focused, which provide helpful and related information. The structure of the session – presentation and then information booth is genius.

The length of presentations was appropriate, it is able to give a general briefing about what the institutions have to offer, their specialities and degrees available. The experiences from past or current International students are friendly and engaging to me, and prompted me to choose one institution over another. Multiple screens in the venue were very convenient, the acoustic was clear at the front, where I was sitting.

The information booth is very helpful. It provides me opportunity to ask in-depth and individual questions and interact with representatives from various institutions for the first time. I went to every single booth and made friends with the student representatives from University of Adelaide. The presenters are friendly and willing to help. They are experienced and ready to answer my questions.

Overall, the session was effective and helpful for International students. Considering the increasing number of International students currently studying in secondary schools applying for tertiary institutions, it is very supportive to have information sessions like this.”

Angela also provided some valuable ideas to improve the session for the future benefit of international students in our schools – thank you Angela!


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International Student Award

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Liwei left her home in Bejing, China to come to Adelaide to study as an international student.

Liwei has integrated very well into Norwood Morialta High School where, not only has she had excellent academic success, but she has participated in a variety of extra curricula activities. Liwei’s personal qualities have enabled her to flourish as a student at NMHS. She has a positive outlook on life and a genuine passion and interest in supporting and working with others for the greater good. Liwei has always shown respect, empathy and a willingness to represent the wider views of the school community.Soon after arriving at NMHS she became involved in the school musical production, “Annie”.

She attended rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday so that she could improve her English and meet local students, gradually making many friends. She joined the school’s swimming and volleyball teams in order to keep fit during her spare time and has competed in Saturday competitions. To support her understanding in her Stage 2 subject of Legal Studies, Liwei participated in the Mock Trial competitions for the school.

This year, Liwei nominated to be on the Student Representative Council, and in her words, “it was a big honour” to be elected as Co President of the SRC. Her reasons for wishing to be part of the SRC were that she saw this as an opportunity to gain team and leadership experience. As the elected Co- President of the SRC she values the structures, processes and procedures of our system of governance to encourage student voice.

Liwei has continued to support all students of the school, as well as the international students. She has constantly provided assistance to students with their studies, helping them with interpretation of tasks, and also encouraging them to seek help from their teachers when required.

Outside of school Liwei has also volunteered her time at her local church, working as a teacher’s assistant, teaching the children Chinese language and dance.

Liwei has been excellent ambassador for the school in representing all students as well as International Students and is a worthy recipient of the International Student Award and the 2016 Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise Service Above Self Award. We wish her well in her future where she is contemplating a career the Legal field.

Liewi with Gov

Liwei, Norwood Morialta High School, International Student Award

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Journey from School to University

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I believe there are three major values of study in Australia.

Firstly, the more you made an effort, the more you gain because the education system is totally different from one in Japan. For example, enrolment to a university is determined by the results of final examinations and the results of assignments and periodic examinations in the same proportion. I believe it is very fair for students.

Secondly, I have opportunities that I can understand other cultures. I have not completely understood “Oz” accents or proverbs but I believe it is important to acknowledge the culture here. In addition I have friends from other countries such as Hong Kong and Vietnam and it is also a good experience. Therefore these experiences would be useful when I work with people from different background in the future.

Finally, I have realised goodness and badness of Japan. For example, I can see how ridiculous the Japanese politicians and some selfish people are from news. On the other hand, it is precious that Japan has four beautiful seasons and nice healthy foods. Typical Japanese humanity such as integrity and honesty is also very important to communicate and work with others in the world.

I had to give up some things to come and study in Australia but I gained more things. I hope my experience and study will lead me to the better future.

Takaaki, Glenunga International High School, University of Adelaide, Honours Science (Chemistry)

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