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Seungyun (Rory)

South Korea | Norwood International High School

Rory is from South Korea and is currently attending Norwood International High School. Rory began her journey at South Australia Government Schools online and eventually arrived onshore in 2022. She chose South Australia as her study destination due to its relaxing environment and closeness to nature. Her favourite thing about South Australia is being close to many amazing beaches.

In the future, she would love to work in a field that involves international exchange. She is extremely interested in learning about cultures from around the world and wants to find a job that will allow her to continue learning. Rory loves K-pop and is very passionate about animals and helping endangered animals around the world.

“At first that I was just a quiet person and had no confidence in what I was trying to say. It is fine to not know much English because there are many programs that would help international students to improve their English skills”