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Minji (Lydia)

South Korea | Marryatville High School

Lydia is from South Korea and arrived in South Australia with her family in 2019. She currently attends Marryatville High School. Lydia was an International Student Ambassador in 2022 and really enjoyed her experience, which led to her applying again for 2023. She has been attending the School Holiday Program since its inception and is passionate about improving the program to further support international students.

Her favourite thing about South Australia is the diversity and friendliness of locals. In her spare time she enjoys playing her clarinet, sketching and listening to music. She is hoping to continue her musical journey after high school but she is also interested in the pathway of nursing.

“I love the environment and and I love how South Australia is very diverse with other cultures. I love all my classmates in my school and how they are just so kind to everybody”