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Shuhua (Krystal)

China | Unley High School

Krystal is originally from China but has also lived in Sweden where her teacher recommended South Australia as her next study destination. After doing some of her own research, she realised that South Australia was the state she had been searching for. She is currently studying at Unley High School. She loves how South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, is not as big as others, but still offers world class universities, beautiful beaches and native wildlife.

Krystal is a highly commended recipient of the 2021 StudyAdelaide International Student Awards (schools category). She was recognised for being an active member of the school community through various programs, organising a foreign language club for fellow students and her work in extra-curricular activities and volunteering.

"Even though Adelaide is a smaller city, it is a multicultural city which gives us the chance to meet people from all different nationalities"