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Brazil | Henley High School

Alice currently attends Henley High School and arrived in South Australia from Brazil in May 2022. She chose to study in South Australia because of the high quality of both life and education. The multicultural schooling environment allows her to interact with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and have new experiences. She chose to apply for the International Student Ambassador Program to help international students strive for academic success but also to make new friendships during her time here.

She is passionate about a number of social causes, and has a particular interest in environmental issues such as climate change and micro-plastics. After graduating high school, Alice would like to study psychology or criminology and end up in a job that allows her to communicate and connect with others.

“It is a great experience, the teacher and students here are really caring, and overall, very supportive. It can be quite hard to adjust on the first week, but it is totally worth it”