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Short term Study Tours for student groups in South Australia

Study Tours

South Australian Government Schools welcome groups of students from all over the world to participate in a Study Tour. A Study Tour is designed for groups of students and their accompanying teachers wishing to experience the English language, lifestyle and landscapes of South Australia. Study Tours are short term programs, generally range from 1-6 weeks and are custom designed to suit the needs of the group. Larger Study Tours can be hosted across a number of South Australian government schools.

To participate in a Study Tour, students must be 10 years of age or older.

Study Tours can include:

  • English tuition
  • school integration
  • special interest studies
  • homestay accommodation
  • tourism excursions


Cost of a Study Tour

The cost of a Study Tour is determined by the requirements of the group. Simply complete the Study Tour enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will provide you with a Study Tour itinerary and quotation within 2 working days.

What happens on a Study Tour

Students will have English lessons, taught by a qualified English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. They will be introduced to the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The lessons are always supportive, challenging and fun.

After English lessons, students will feel more confident with integrating into normal classroom activities alongside local South Australian students. Local students volunteer to be a buddy to visiting Study Tour students. Buddies will help their new friends settle into South Australian school life, show them around the school and introduce them to other local students. In some cases, the buddy is also a member of the Study Tour student's homestay family. 

This is an example school timetable for a one week Study Tour in a South Australian government school:

Day Morning 8.30-12.45pm Lunch Afternoon 1.25-3.15pm
 Sun Arrive Adelaide, South Australia - Free day with host family
  • Study Tour Home Group
  • Welcome assembly and introduction to buddy
  • Tour of school
  • English Lesson: Australian families and homes
  • Recess with buddies
  • English Lesson: Australian culture

Lunch with buddies

  • Attend Science lesson with buddy
  • Home group dismissal
  • Go home with homestay family
  • Study Tour Home Group
  • English Lesson: Australian wildlife
  • Recess with buddies
  • English Lesson: Prepare for wildlife excursion
Lunch with buddies
  • Attend Mathematics lesson with buddy
  • Home group dismissal
  • Go home with homestay family
 Wed  Full day excursion - Adelaide hills and Cleland Wildlife Park
  • Study Tour Home Group
  • English Lesson: Aboriginal culture
  • Recess with buddies
  • English Lesson: Aboriginal art and dance
Lunch with buddies
  • Attend Physical Education lesson
  • Home group dismissal
  • Go home with homestay family
  • Study Tour Home Group
  • English lesson
  • Recess with buddies
  • English Lesson
Lunch with buddies
  • Attend home country language class: information sharing
  • Farewell and presentation of certificates
  • Home group dismissal
  • Go home with homestay family
 Sat  Free day with homestay family - Depart Adelaide, South Australia

Homestay Accommodation

As part of the Study Tour experience, students will live with a caring family from the school community. Their family will provide three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and transport to and from school. On weekends, the student is invited to join in normal family fun and activities.

Homestay accommodation can also be arranged for accompanying teachers if required.

All Homestay families are accredited by South Australian Government Schools. This includes a home visit, interview and a criminal history screening clearance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each Study Tour student.

Tourism Excursions

Australian cultural and educational tourism experiences are an integral part of all Study Tours. Adelaide and South Australia have a lot to offer for excursions or extended tours including wildlife parks, beautiful beaches and local markets. Find out more information about South Australia.

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