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    Laura: An experience I'll never forget!

    Laura: An experience I'll never forget!

    My time in Australia was simply amazing! A huge thank you to everybody for being so welcoming and friendly. I´m looking back to a great time at Victor Harbor High School, where I had the opportunity to make some great friendships and experiences I´ll never forget! I enjoyed every minute here, even when the weather was bad. It was so fun to be part of the rugby team, getting my boat license in Marine Studies, going fishing, bike riding and even camping at rainy Deep Creek in Outdoor Education. I also had a nice time at Kangaroo Island, which was unfortunately my only travel around Australia, but I´m looking forward to visit Australia, and of course Victor Harbor, again!

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    affordable school fees

    Affordable school fees and relaxed lifestyle

    Lyly’s parents encouraged her to look at studying overseas as a way to discover different parts of the world and improve her English language skills. When she decided to take them up on this offer, they suggested Adelaide because of its reasonably priced school fees and relaxed lifestyle. Lyly is studying at Adelaide High School and says that her life here in Adelaide is very different to the one she led in Cambodia.

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    Adelaide arts capital

    I chose Adelaide because it is famous for the Arts

    Koshi from Tokyo, Setagaya is having an amazing year at Charles Campbell College. He was in the school’s Fringe Festival Performance 3 weeks after he arrived. In Term 2 he was in the whole school production “Wizard of Oz” and has been one of the stars in the Year 12 Dance Moderation Performance “Instinct”. Koshi chose to come to Adelaide “because Adelaide is famous for art. I have been dancing for about 8 years. So I was looking forward to learn dance as well.”

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    high school graduate program

    I want to graduate High School in Australia

    Amber from Guangxi Province in China "planned to study abroad from a very early age". Amber’s parents chose Adelaide for her high school education, saying that the smaller size of the city would be beneficial for her development.

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    create your own pathway

    My future dream is to study psychology abroad!

    Jolie from Japan is studying in Adelaide as part of a program offered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education. Making real her dream to study abroad and connect with people from all different cultural backgrounds, Jolie has started to set her sights on a goal for her future.

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    study by the sea

    German students study by the sea

    Amelie, Natalie and Verena are studying at Victor Harbor High School on the south coast. "In Victor Harbor you can see koalas, kangaroos, penguins, whales and dolphins."

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    study abroad experience

    The best way to spend my holidays!

    Celine from Germany chose to spend her summer school holidays studying in Australia on an unforgettable 6 week study abroad experience!

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    special interest tennis program

    Aiming for an international career in tennis

    Yūya from Japan is studying at Marryatville High School in their acclaimed Special Interest Tennis Program. With victories including the ITF (International Tennis Federation) junior division already under his belt, he is building up a brilliant track record with both tennis and his school studies.

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    school ski trip

    I never thought you could ski in Australia!

    David from Sweden was studying at Henley High School and decided to join the school ski trip, taking him from Henley Beach all the way to the high country in Australia. "I had no idea that it was actually possible to ski in Australia, and since I'm a born skier I just could not resist going!"

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    primary school study abroad

    I wanted my children to experience another culture

    Eriko and Reiko's mother, Mikiko from Japan, had the opportunity to study abroad when she was young and wanted her own children to have a similar experience. With encouraging support from her husband, Mikiko and her two young daughters travelled to Australia for a 6 month primary school study abroad program. Eriko and Reiko now speak excellent English and have many Australian friends!

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