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South Australian Government Schools

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Apply to study abroad in a South Australian government school

Apply Now - Student Application Form

You can submit your application online using the form below, or offline by downloading the student application form and returning it to South Australian Government Schools.

It is recommended that you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browsers to complete the online application form.

Before starting your application

  • please read the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment carefully
  • ensure you have alternative accommodation details if not requesting homestay accommodation
  • ensure you have your emergency contact details (name, address, telephone)
  • ensure you have your visa details (if currently studying in Australia only)

Please complete all application questions in English.

Your application cannot be considered until all required documentation is received:

  • recent colour passport photograph
  • copy of your translated school reports, for the past two years
  • copy of your English language competency test results (if applicable)
  • copy of your Middle School graduation certificate (for Chinese citizens only)
You can submit your documents with your online application, or email directly to

Your student application will be assessed and if successful you will receive a Letter of Offer. Please contact one of our accredited education agents if you require assistance with your student application and visa application.

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